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  • Kosher Kings are beautiful birds with a more natural growth rate and vigorous foraging instincts.  They go after lots of the good stuff (grass, clover, seed heads, bugs) so their meat is flavorful and nutritious

  • Moved to fresh pasture 2x daily

  • 4-6 lbs

  • $6/lb* 

  • Available on:

    • June 22

    • August 3

    • September 14

    • October 19

  • $15 nonrefundable deposit per bird 

  • Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys are incredible foragers, which means that they thrive when allowed to live on pasture. They are less selective than the chickens, practically mowing their area and consuming all of that wonderfully detoxifying chlorophyll. For us, this translates to meat that is low in saturated fats and cholesterol and high in nutrients

  • Moved to fresh pasture 2x daily

  • 15-20 lbs, with outliers on either end

  • $7/lb*

  • Available on:

    • November 14

    • November 21

  • $50 nonrefundable deposit per turkey

  • These pigs are mostly Yorkshire with a bit of Duroc in them. Yorkshires have large frames, are heavily muscled, and offer generous back fat, so their popularity as a meat breed is no surprise. They are very active, very sturdy pigs. The Duroc in them contributes to a generally docile temperament and adds a bit of marbling to the meat. These pigs are a joy to raise and produce lean cuts and well-textured bacon.

  • Now offering quarter pigs!

  • Half pig

    • $525* ($275 deposit)

    • ~70 lbs of meat ​

      • 14-18 lbs of roasts

      • 3-4 lbs spare ribs

      • 16 pork chops

      • 7 lbs ground pork/sausage

      • 9 lbs bacon

      • 2 ham hocks

      • 15 lbs of ham steaks or roasts

      • 5 lbs fat

  • Quarter pig

    • $270* ($150 deposit)

    • ~35 lbs of meat ​

      • 7-9 lbs of roasts

      • 1-2 lbs spare ribs

      • 8 pork chops

      • 3-4 lbs ground pork/sausage

      • 4-5 lbs bacon

      • 1 ham hock

      • 7-8 lbs of ham steaks or roasts

  • Ready in November

  • Please note that these weights are not exact, but are averages from years past

*Please note that prices are subject to change this year due to volatile supply chains. Please see FAQ page for more details*

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