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This is where you can order this seasons pork and poultry! Please be sure to read the 'Products' page and peruse the FAQ section before submitting your order. A few things have changed in regards to pre-orders/deposits/pricing, so please make sure to look at the first two questions on the FAQ page. 

This order form tells you your DEPOSIT price, not your total price. For example, $50 is the deposit amount for a turkey, not the total amount. At this time, I am not set up to take online payment. The total at the bottom tells you your total deposit price, plus the cost of any t-shirts or stickers you purchased. This amount can be paid in cash or check to Five Forks Farm, sent to PO Box 1532.

Deposits are due by May 31.

If you are unable to see the form below, please update your browser or email me at to order. 


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